Resident COVID-19 Poem


Written by Grace Nolan

In this lifetime, we live through extraordinary things
but covid-19 made us all stand still
the confusion, loneliness struck our hearts
wondering, will we always live this far apart
No hugs, no kisses from our family or friends
constantly asking ourselves when will this end
no more handshakes for the people you meet today
wondering again, is covid here to stay
facial expressions are hard to grasp
as everyone now is wearing a mask
two metres apart is all we hear
please stand over there, please don’t get too near
please wash your hands now after everything you touch
wondering again, I’m doing this so much
It’s a new world now, a new world we live in
this is part we have all been given
we communicate now through computers and phones
Covid is good in that sense, as someone is always home
I have time for me now, I know who I am
life with covid is ever so calm
I’m one of the lucky ones I’m not on my own
I live with two others in my house
together we try to understand what this pandemic has done to our land
Covid has its positives like everything in life
as a community we have come together, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives
you see my mind it does wonder, with this pandemic looming
will our country ever get back to booming
let’s stand together one and all, let’s back this pandemic to the wall